Drone photography and videography has transformed how imagery can be used in marketing and PR to create more dynamic and eye-catching material. In the past, aerial photo and video could only be captured using planes which was an expensive and less accessible option. Now we can use drones to produce stunning images and footage to work with your budget and business needs. 


If you would like an estimate of costs before we talk in more detail about your brief, please complete the form via the contact link hereThe more detail that you can provide to me on your goals for this project the better I will be able to provide a good guide to price.


Alastair Herd Photography can provide you with aerial photography and videography to showcase your business in a different, more modern and vibrant way. Whether this is to promote your services and products, to aid in the sale and marketing of land, buildings or houses, or to record a specific event, we will provide you with an expert and friendly service in Carlisle, Cumbria, Scottish borders, or Northumberland. I also travel around the UK for some bespoke projects.



Even before the team arrives on site, we have to do a number of flight preparations. This includes Airspace checks, offsite and onsite risk assessments, hazard inspections, weather reports and preparation of the flight brief. The checks don't stop there, as more safety checks are carried out throughout the flight day from before take-off to after landing the drone. Safety is top priority when it comes to drone flying.



Our Pilot in Command carries a Permissions for Commercial Operations (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority ensuring all drone flight is safe and legal. All Alastair Herd Photography flights adhere to the requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority Procedures and Air Navigation Order regarding drone flights and safety and also where necessary GDPR.2018

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Farm Photography

We can provide a unique aerial photo of your farm which can be framed up to the size of A2. Aerial images of your property can be taken from which ever angle you prefer so you are (almost) in the pilot's seat!

Farm or building photography can be a very practical way to market your property. Get in touch to find out more

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Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography is a fabulous way to show off your property, whether that be marketing material for your hotel or you want to find the best way to promote your property. 

The uses for drone photography are endless, and provide a flexibility and impact that exceed still imagery. Get in touch to find out more.

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Marketing Video

Video is now considered to be one of the key elements in marketing your business or organisation. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so just imagine the impact that a stunning promotional video could have for your business. Have a look at previous examples of work which includes examples of aerial and land based videos for a range of clients from hospitality to land agents.


Farm Photography

Professional video is the perfect way to show off property.

Your clients will fall in love with the properties you have to offer by engaging with aerial footage and inside walk throughs. Have a look at previous examples we have done. Whether you are selling houses, land or bigger projects aerial images and film are the ideal media for promotion.


Our Phantom 4 is perfect for your low cost smaller jobs, whether that be photographs of small properties or  short 1080p video's. This drone is perfect for your needs.

Speak to our experts who can advice you on which will be the best drone for your needs.


Our Inspire 2 will take your project to cinematic levels. This incredible piece of technology will take DSLR quality photography with its 4/3 sensor and switchable lenses. Not only that but it can record cinema level 4K videography.

This drone is perfect for large farms up for sale, or marketing videos in the best quality.