We can provide a number of services tailored to you personally. The use of Drones is increasing in many different sectors. Let us show you how it is possible to showcase your business in a different, more modern and vibrant way.


We can assist with images for your marketing material, footage for promotional videos, or save you time and money by using our licensed drone on surveying projects. 

It would be fantastic to meet you personally, and discuss your business requirements in order to create a plan that gets the best results for you. Alternatively, if you would prefer to get an idea of costs before we discuss the brief in more detail, please do get in touch via the contact link below.


Even before the team arrives on site, we have to do a number of flight preparations. This includes Airspace checks, offsite and onsite risk assessments, hazard inspections, weather reports and preparation of the flight brief. The checks don't stop there, as more safety checks are carried out throughout the flight day from before take-off to after landing the drone. Safety is top priority when it comes to drone flying.


Our Pilot in Command carries a Permissions for Commercial Operations (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority ensuring all drone flight is safe and legal. All Alastair Herd Photography flights adhere to the requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority Procedures and Air Navigation Order regarding drone flights and safety and also where necessary GDPR.2018

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Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography is becoming the new go to way of showing off your property, whether that be marketing material for your hotel or you are selling property the uses drone photography are endless. 


Event Photography

We don't just do Aerial photography we do so much more. From live dance photography to working with local music bands helping them stand out in a crowded scene. We love supporting local talent and will do what we can affordably to help you.  




Keep your business up to date with modern fresh professional photography. It's amazing how a few current photographs and revitalise your website. 

Unsure on where to start get in touch and we can put you on the right path.


White Drone

Our Phantom 4 is perfect for your low cost smaller jobs, whether that be photographs of small properties or  short 1080p video's. This drone is perfect for your needs.

Speak to our experts who can advice you on which will be the best drone for your needs.


Our Inspire 2 will take your project to cinematic levels. This incredible piece of technology will take DSLR quality photography with its 4/3 sensor and switchable lenses. Not only that but it can record cinema level 4K videography.

This drone is perfect for large farms up for sale, or marketing videos in the best quality. 


Our Sony A7iii is a beautiful hybrid photo and video Mirrorless Camera, a full frame 35mm sensor allows to capture the most stunning photographs in the highest quality as well as capturing breath-taking 4K Video footage. 


Our Sony A7siii is our latest addition to the kit bag, this camera is more aimed at the video spec but still has a stunning full frame 35mm sensor. Being the new young sister the A7iii these cameras work in perfect unison with each other.  

Also who doesn't love beautiful 4K Slow Mo footage.