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Bespoke Projects

Check out what we have achieved for some of our clients and see how we can benefit you. 

Discover Carlisle (a department within Carlisle City Council) approached us in the beginning of 2019, with a brief too come up with a short promotional video to help promote the city in a new light, but also shows different attractions throughout the year.  The end product was to be distributed across their social media and due to be launched Spring 2020.  

From this initial enquiry we worked on a plan that incorporated all the key events and attractions across the Carlisle district. This included the likes of "Clash of the Romans" at Birdoswalds to concerts in the city centre with performances from John Newman and Jess Glynne all the way to the highly successful "City of Lights festival".   

The 2020 promotional video took 11 months to film and at times was a logistical challenge, from organising venues and models as well as making sure the weather decided to play ball on the right days as well. Throughout the year we kept in constant communication with Paul Walker who tasked us with the project. On a project like this communication is so important and not leaving the client in the dark. 

The Project was completed in the march 2020. As we all know the world was hit by the pandemic that has lost so many lives and caused so much devastation. We couldn't launch this video for our planned date and so we had to wait until the moment was right and the UK lockdown started to ease. The video was finally launched at the beginning of July 2020 and what a reaction we achieved. On Facebook alone the video had over 31,000 views with a reach of over 50,000. The feedback from this showed how special the city of Carlisle truly is. With comments such as "Fantastic video of what our City has to offer", "A rather fine portrait of the 2000 Year City: Carlisle!", "Who wouldn't want to come live in Carlisle!" 

The Success of this video has allowed too create a strong collaboration with Discover Carlisle and has let us produce another 8 videos with more are in the pipeline to continue our collaboration for the forcible future.

H&H was one of our first clients we ever had back in 2012 while Alastair was still in High School. Nina who is head of marketing at H&H group got Alastair in to photograph a few charity events and press releases.

In March of 2019 Nina got in contact with us about a possible project for Harrison & Hetherington. At the beginning Harrison & Hetherington weren't quite sure what they wanted but they knew they wanted something different but showed the heart of the business that has been around over over 140 years. After a few meetings with Nina and David a brief was formed and the project began. 

The deadline for this video was Agri-Expo 2019. Agri is one of the biggest farming events in the UK and is a flagship event for Harrison & Hetherington it is the perfect event to premier the video. 

The project ended up with being two videos: The first video was showing a year in the life on Harrison & Hetherington across their marts. from Broughton to Wooler and Lockerbie to Middleton and everything in between. The second video was to show a visual timeline of the history of H&H from it's beginnings too it's present form.


The main video, which was the "year in the life" video, was great to produce as we got record the importance the auction marts and the farming community have in our every day lives. Each of the marts across Harrison and Hetherington has its own very unique character, we tried to capture as much of the traditional ways of mart life which you can see in the likes of Middleton and Broughton to the new modern way's that can be seen at Borderway in Carlisle. 

The amount of footage we were able to capture and the stories we heard, it could have easily been a full feature length film. 

The video went live at Agri-Expo on time and was shown to over 3,000 people on the day. H&H have since used this video to help promote their marts and the brand. 

This project has allowed us to work on more projects with Harrison & Hetherington such as documenting Agri-Expo 2019, the BW Sale and the 2020 Dairy Expo in March. This project as also allowed us to film some videos for other businesses within the H&H Group

"I can fully rely on Alastair to produce a high quality and professional result whatever the medium; he will handle the whole project with limited involvement from myself until the finished product is ready for show/tell. 

He has expertise and first-rate knowledge in his field, has a great eye for detail, is passionate in his work so produces high quality results time after time.  Couple this with the fact that he is adaptable and flexible in his approach to getting the job done, I have no hesitation in recommending Alastair (and his team) for any photography and drone/video work whether big or small.  

Plus he is a genuinely nice guy to deal with!"

- Nina Oxley Group Marketing Manager at H&H Group

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