80+ Years of photography in the bloodline. 

Alastair is the 4th generation of photographer in his family and has been passed down knowledge from his great grandfather through this grandfather and uncle.   

From an early age, Alastair’s grandfather told him he wouldn’t be allowed to take over the family photography business in Kelso as he wanted Alastair to pursue his own career and make his own name for himself. Taking his Grandfathers advice, he grew his passion in photography and went on to study Photography at university. 

When graduating from Staffordshire University with First Class Honors in BA(Hons) Photography in 2017, Alastair moved back up to his hometown of Carlisle to set up his own photography business. 

Through the 4 generations, each generation has seen and adapted to a new form and evolution of photography; his Great Grandfather with glass slides and large format cameras, to his Grandfather leading the way with 35mm film, His uncle utilizing digital and becoming the first digital printing lab in Scotland, to Alastair taking on a new era of photography with the use of drones.  

By using drones and having the correct permissions to do so. Alastair has created a new market for himself to expand into being a videographer as well as a photographer. This allows him to be more versatile in the projects he can undertake.  

Throughout Alastair’s work he strives to use the mentality of ‘Never Settle’ and continuously evolve and adapt to the ever changing industry that is photography. 

Alastair holds the PfCO (Permission of Commercial Operation) that is required by the CAA to do any commercial Drone work. He is also covered by the correct drone insurance and public liability.   


If you have any questions please feel free to get in contact by clicking on the link below. 

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